MedGuide: Medical Help for Foreign Speaking Patients (and Doctors)

These medical publications will make it easier to communicate with patients who speak foreign languages.

With this MedGuide, you can also gather a full medical history and test results without an interpreter and explain much more easily to the patient certain treatments without translation.

Our instructions are specifically designed with culturally sensitive illustrations. This also benefits non-literate / non-alphabetized patients worldwide.

The MedGuide are mainly in German – combined with other languages like Arab, Farsi, Tigrinya ( an African language in Eritrea), Turkish, Russian, Kurmanji (Kurdish) and more. Translations into English, French and Spanish will be available in late 2018 as well. 

There are three main publications subjects:

– internal medicine for family doctors & emergency / hospital
pregnancy / midwifery: childbirth including the care of the newborn and women´s health
psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine (with focus on anamnesis and diagnostics)

All of the MedGuide-publications are structured much in detail and include questions which are typical at the doctor´s office / medical consultant and which have to be answered quickly and precisely.

The contents are mostly divided into:

– problems / physical complaints
– medical history of the patient
– detailed physical examination
– treatment, therapy and surgery

Aspects such as patient information, rules of conduct at the doctor´s office and in any hospital in general, conduct when there is an infection, and many more aspects round off these MedGuide-publications.


The MedGuide about „Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Pychosomatics“ enables you to diagnose the wide range of psychic problems. As one of many details it includes questions about severe mental pain. This occurs very often in migration situations. The MedGuide also contains questions about how well a patient seems to be integrated into the society from her/his point of view.

The initiators of the MedGuide sought to expand accessibility of medical care: completely independent of the availability of translators or interpreters. Particularly, MedGuide is meant to benefit any patient in her/his personal, very intimate situation. 

These publications save a lot of time (and precious energy) for the medical staff in understanding and overcoming cultural obstacles to communication. 

The MedGuide support both: health workers and patients. These medical assistants encourage everybody to increase their own health competency. MedGuides are meant to promote the well-being of every human being.

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