MedGuide Internal Medicine, Pregnancy/Midwifery and more [English]

MedGuide Internal Medicine, Pregnancy/Midwifery and more [English]

These medical publications will make it easier to communicate with patients who speak foreign languages.

With this MedGuide, you can also gather a full medical history and test results without an interpreter and explain to the patient certain treatments in a much easier way.

Our instructions are specifically designed with culturally sensitive illustrations. This allows a great benefit also for non-literate / alphabetized patients worldwide.

The over 500 medical questions are typical of those encountered by general practitioners, specialists in internal medicine and in clinics and emergency rooms, and which have to be answered.

The content is mostly divided into:
•  problems / physical complaints
•  medical history of the patient
•  detailed physical examinations
•  treatment, therapy and surgery

Aspects such a patient information, rules of conduct at the doctor´s office and in the hospital in general, in the case of infection and much more, round off these MedGuide-publications.

In 2018 there are more publications yet to come – like about psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics, also in English or Francais.