MedGuide: medical help for foreign speaking patients — and doctors [English]

MedGuide: medical help for foreign speaking patients — and doctors [English]

These medical publications will make it easier to communicate with patients who speak foreign languages.

With this MedGuide, you can also gather a full medical history and test results without an interpreter and explain much more easily to the patient certain treatments without translation.

Our instructions are specifically designed with culturally sensitive illustrations. This also benefits non-literate / non-alphabetized patients worldwide.

The MedGuide are mainly either in English, Spanish, French or German – combined with other languages like Arab, Farsi, Tigrinya ( an African language in Eritrea), Turkish, Russian, Kurmanji (Kurdish) and more. 

There are three main publications subjects:

– internal medicine for family doctors & emergency / hospital
– pregnancy / midwifery: childbirth including the care of the newborn and women´s health
– psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine (including anamnesis and diagnostics)

All of the MedGuide-publications are structured much in detail and include questions which are typical at the doctor´s office / medical consultant and which have to be answered quickly and precisely.

HERE is a reading sample in English (PDF).

Beside this BLUE MedGuide for € 25,– we provide more publications like for pregnant women / midwifery (RED MedGuide, 136 pages, € 30,–) and people with psychological challenges / mental disorders like traumatization etc. (diagnostics | GREEN MedGuide, 192 pages, € 50,–).

We ship worldwide. Please send us a mail in English. Muchas Gracias, Merci, Thank you, Danke schön, شكر